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Our goal for your event is to provide the highest quality of patient care as well as preventative advice to help reduce the likelihood of someone being injured.

NPEMA is proud to offer a first aid solution fit to your events needs.

Our company is proud to offer First aid and Medical Response Services to any community, scouting or specialized event. Our youth's training, Medical Advisory team and diverse medical knowledge and experienceallow us to comfortably cover almost any event. 


A few larger-scale events we've covered:
- Anime North: A three-day, multi-site event boasting over 34,000 participants per day in attendance. 

- Afrofest: A three-day festival celebrating the largest free-African music festival in North America - 16,000+ in attendance.

- Ontario Volleyball Championships (Provincial Tournaments): Four 3-Day tournaments with over 6,000 athletes per day in attendance.

- Canadian Jamboree: A weeklong camp in Nova Scotia with ~ 5,000 youth participants, working in collaboration with other MedVent groups.

- National/International Hockey/Ringette Tournaments: A variety of events ranging from 1-2 weekends, and coverage for multiple arenas and venues.

- Canadian Food Truck Festivals: Covered multiple weekend events in various locations across Ontario with multiple venues and diverse populations.

- Happy Trails Racing/Chili Half Marathon: Multiple urban & wilderness trail races with variable terrain, response locations, and up to 2,000 athletes in attendance.

- Vaughan Canada Day & WinterFest Celebrations: Multiple large public city organized celebrations with over 20, 000 event attendees at various venues.

Main Medical Post, First Aid Posts & Trailer

- The Main Medical Post "Main Med" is a HUB for either patients transferred in by our mobile teams, referrals from our supporting posts or walk-ins from the surrounding area.

- Main Med can operate out of our medical response trailer (a 7x16ft enclosed trailer), pop-up shelters or a facility of your choosing at an event with indoor accommodations or tents.

- Main Med is staffed with First Responders, Emergency Medical Responders, Medical Dispatch and/or our Medical Advisors who are Nurses, Doctors, and allied health professionals.

- We have the ability to provide multiple first aid tent locations, or one large main medical post, the distribution of the tents or locations will depend on your event need and the layout of the event.

NPEMA's Patient Transport Side by Side and ATV Rapid Response Unit

Mobile Services / Mobile Teams

- Mobile response teams are comprised of Response Bikes, Golf carts and event permitting, ATV's/UTV's. 

- Our side-by-side enables transportation of non-ambulatory patients or those who require supine transport. The cart accommodates patient monitoring, oxygen administration and more. 

- Between these two teams, our MedVents are able to not only reach patients in a variety of locations at events but also treat, release and transport to the Main Med if required.

Roving Medical Teams

- Roving medical teams make up the most common type of response requested at events.

- Able respond on-foot to patients who otherwise might not be reachable to larger response vehicles or bikes (ie large crowds).


- Roving teams provide ground coverage, as well as assistance with on-site first aid treatment and through collaboration with our Mobile Teams, can facilitate transportation to the main medical tent or treat and release on scene.

MedVents Callum & John at NPEMAs coverage of Afrofest 2022

Our Training

Small group of NPEMA responders at the 2021 Orientation day
NPEMA MedVent Marcus taking a bloodpressure reading at Halburtion Scout Reserve.
NPEMA and other MedVents on a First Responder / Emergency Medical Responder course in Jan 2018.
MedVent Scenario - NPEMA MedVents & Rovers
CPR Scenario at Haliburton Scout Reserve 2019

NPEMA sets First Responder (FR) as our base competency for our responders. This is recognized as Red Cross's first level of professional responder certification. Members may elect to upgrade to the emergency medical responder (EMR) after 1 year of providing care at the FR level.

Our members are all trained by medical or allied health professionals currently working in an acute care setting (ie. hospitals, EMS services, etc.). Under the careful eye of these providers, our members provide a medical response at events. 


Additional training:

- Basic Life Support (BLS), including oxygen administration and airway management.

- AED and high-quality CPR

- Training on working with paediatric patients or young children, as well as the elderly.

Our EMR's & Medical Advisors receive additional training in:

- Experience working under medical control / medical directives

- Provision of symptom relief

Have a question about our team or services provided? If you have an event you're looking for a medical solution for, please click the button below and complete the form attached to help us better understand how we can meet your events' needs!

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