NPEMA MedVents at the 2017 DIBC camp at camp Bel.


Event Services

Our goal for your event is to provide the highest quality of patient care as well as preventative advice to help reduce the likelihood of someone being injured.

NPEMA is proud to offer a first aid solution fit to your events needs.

Our company is proud to offer First aid and Medical Response Services to any community, scouting or specialized events. Our youth's training, and Medical Advisors diverse medical knowledge and training allow us to comfortably cover almost any event. 

NPEMA MedVents on a SAR training course with RESPOND SAR.

Medical Solutions

First Aid Post / Main Medical Tent

- The main medical tent or First Aid post is designed as a HUB for patients to walk up as needed or be transported to by our mobile teams.

- The tent is staffed with responders whose training ranges from Standard First Aid up to the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Level.

- We have the ability to provide multiple first aid tent locations, or one large main medical post, the distribution of the tents or locations will depend on your event need and the layout of the event.

- This is most likely where our team's Physician and Nurse(s) will be located if they're also covering the event.

Mobile Services / Mobile Teams

NPEMA MedVents First Aid Post at the 2019 Mississauga Bread & Honey Festival.

- Our Mobile Team is composed of a pair of Medical Response Bikes (usually staffed by a team member with First Responder (FR) & Standard First Aid (or higher)

- Our other response team on the Mobile Services is our golf cart, which enables patient transport both sitting or laying down (supine), it accommodates our monitoring systems, oxygen and more. 

- Between these two teams, our MedVents are able to not only reach a patient, treat and release but also transport back to the main medical post if required.

Roving Medical Teams

- Roving medical teams makes up the remaining third of our medical team.

- These responders are trained to a variety of levels and patrol events/camps or other locations on foot; allowing them to reach places, that the bikes or cart can't.


- Roving teams provide ground coverage, as well as assistance with on-site first aid treatment and through collaboration with our Mobile Teams, can facilitate transportation to the main medical tent or treat and release on scene.

Aquatic Supervision / Lifeguard Teams

- One of our newest solutions we are proud to offer and support is the Lifeguard / Lifesaving team. 

- Starting with Bronze Medallion, then progressing to Bronze Cross and National Lifeguard, our MedVents are able to not only provide lifeguard or lifesaving assistance in water based programs (obstacles in races, or pools), but are able to also provide supervision and response on water.

- Our team has one Seadoo (PWC) which can be deployed for water-based supervision and support (during events like Regattas, swim racing etc). 

- This team would be staffed by Lifeguards, with the lowest level assistance to the guard being a Bronze Cross.

- Should your event require all responders to be Lifeguards, please notify of this in advance when requesting coverage for your event so we can do our best to ensure adequate staffing levels.

Our Training

NPEMA MedVent Marcus taking a bloodpressure reading at Halburtion Scout Reserve.
NPEMA MedVent Liya in a SAR-style scenario at Wilderness First Aid Camp.
Practicing #Tourniquets with York #Medve

- The minimum level of training for NPEMA MedVents is Standard First Aid with Basic Life Support (BLS).

- As our members take additional training and learn from their hands-on experiences; they will have the opportunity to take courses and certify their skills to higher levels of medical response and first aid. Some examples of these additional certifications include:

  • Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid (AWRFA)

  • First Responder (FR)

  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)


- Our comprehensive training allows for our team to be flexible to your event's specific needs, and also, prepared for almost anything! 

- Not only are our youth experienced, our Medical Advisors (scouters who actively work in the medical field), constantly provide supervision and guidance to our members, ensuring they have a safe and effective practice and learning environment. 

Have a question about our team or services provided? If you have an event you're looking for a medical solution for, please click the button below and complete the form attached to help us better understand how we can meet your events' needs!

NPEMA MedVents group photo at the beginning of the 2018-2019 Scouting Year.