NPEMA MedVents in the 2019 Rememberance Day Parade


The NPEMA MedVent & Rover program focuses on medical Services from First Aid to Nursing and definitive medical care as a whole. 


Our Advisors consist of Nurses, a Physician and other Allied Health Services. The training our youth receive starts at Standard First Aid and progresses up to the Emergency Medical Responder level. Often our youth intend to join the medical field in post-secondary schooling (nursing, paramedicine and others). Click the photo above to read more about our program.

Event Medical Solutions

Are you hosting a special event, camp, community event or company outing? We have a variety of First Aid and Medical Solutions available for your event!


Our team provides complete medical solutions for almost any type of event, ranging from small-scale community/private events (carnivals, church day etc.) to camping/outdoor events and large-scale events (such as sports tournaments, day events and much more!) Click the photo above for a breakdown of the various types of solutions we offer.

NPEMA MedVents at the Art-in-Motion 5k Race in 2019
NPEMA MedVent Ethan providing CPR training at a Dixie Outlet Mall CPR-month event.

Courses & Training

Our group provides a variety of training and courses throughout the year. These courses range from Standard First Aid to the First Responder & Emergency Medical Responder courses. Our instructors are also happy to provide additional specialty courses, such as Lifeguarding, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, BLS and more.

To learn more about courses we offer and specialty training coming up, click the button below.

Join our Team!

For those not in the Scouting Program, our group is split into two programs: Medical Venturers (ages 14-18) and Medical Rovers (ages 18-26). 

Our programs are designed for youth and young adults who wish to pursue a medical career, enjoy volunteering, or just love camping, the outdoors and adventure!


Under the careful eye/guidance of our Medical Advisors and Scouters, members study and learn various levels of First Aid training. Starting at the First Responder level, our members then specialize in Emergency Medical Responder, Wilderness First Aid (or Responder) and water rescue certifications.

During COVID-19 we realize that many members of our community have been affected - we are offering a free virtual program that is paired with our Scouts Canada program to ensure all are included.

NPEMA MedVents at a Search & Rescue training exercise in Dec 2019

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