Supporting our MedVents & Rovers


Karen Lee


Group Commissioner - Level 4 Responder

Karen was also a founding member of NPEMA and since helping create the program, has now moved into the Group Comissioner Role.


Karen works in the teaching field working primarily with adults. As a Scouter, Karen has worked with a variety of groups and is an integral part of our leadership team.


Karen also works to support both the youth and the Scouters with various needs (from mental health, to program support and also ensuring the Youth-Led Program remains strong.

Tristan Wellings | BSc.N, RN

Medical Advisor

Medical Program Lead - Level 4 Responder

When not at camp or an event with the MedVents, Tristan is a Registered Nurse in a Paediatric Emergency Department. Working in collaboration with the Youth Leadership team and our Scouting Team, Tristan acts as the Lead Medical Advisor for the medical aspect of our programs event medical response solutions.


Tristan has over 16 years experience in Scouts, and 8 years experience with MedVents as a whole. In collaboration with James, Tristan is the other First Aid trainer within NPEMA. 

Meredith Erochko

Medical Advisor

Level 2 Responder

Meredith has been one of our Scouters here at NPEMA for just over a year. Originally training as a Midwife, Meredith now works in patient information services in a hospital in Toronto. 

Meredith's main support role is managing all of our information services, volunteer portal and collaborating with the Event Coordinators to ensure our team is prepared at each event or activity we attend.

Ted Lockrey


Technology Support - Level 2 Responder

Scouter Teddy supports our programs technology and integrated systems, from managing Scoutstracker, to assisting Meredith with BetterImpact, he is also a very active Scouter with 5th Brampton Scouts. 

Dr. Jabeen Fayyaz

Medical Advisor

Level 4 Responder

Dr. Fayyaz joined NPEMA in 2019 and has been an huge asset to the team from a training perspective. Jabeen is a Staff Physician in a Paediatric ER in Toronto, as well as having a wealth of experience in patient simulation training. 

Jabeen primarily focuses on training, education and simulations, although when available, she also attends events NPEMA covers to provide a clinical supervisory role for the youth, acting as an aid for assessment, and assisting with the programs medical decision making.

James Whyte

Medical Advisor

Lead Training Officer - Level 4 Responder

James is our newest addition to our adult leadership team, coming with expereince as both a ski patrol instructor/trainer and as a medical responder. 

James recently has taken over the role of Lead Training Advisor for the program, and organizes the various training events, and programs the youth leadership team requests. In addition to this role, James also works with Tristan as the other First aid instructor within NPEMA.