Embrace the Chaos: Flux in Time Camp POSTPONED

Due to a lack of transferring offers of intent over to registrations - registered numbers were too low for the camp to proceed this fall. 

WE are in the works figuring out a date in the spring to schedule to.Please keep tuned in.

Any group who paid their offer of intent deposit, please contact us with details of us holding your money until the spring or if you'd like a cheque back.

camp information

About Us


The team that brought to you Zombie Camp, the Scouting Games, and Murder & Mayhem camp is back and planning a whole new camp! North Peel Extreme Medical Adventures presents to you Embrace the Chaos – Flux in Time. A brand new and never thought of, a Dr. Who themed camp!

Want to know more information about it? Well, today is your lucky day as early registration starts now! 


An amazing adventure annually, this years focus will be a "Flux in Time" - revolving around the popular Dr. Who's world where time travel and other dimensions is the norm. Don't be surprised if you see some things you thought were behind us *cough* zombies... And of course, other things from the world of the Doctor. 

Camp Details

Date: SPRING 2018

Location: TBA

Who: Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers 

Parking will be sorted at the camp, follow OOS directions.

Program will be a free-range activity set up, meaning groups can rotate and flow as they please through the stations.

Silk Screened Camper Shirts! $2.00 each with participants bringing their OWN items to screen. Cubs recommended to bring light blue, Scouts to bring a neon green, vents/rovers to bring a red or yellow.


Regular Rate: $25.00/Youth, $20.00/Scouter, $20.00/OOS -> For those who are fully registered before _____.

Later Rate: $30.00/Youth, $25.00/Scouter, $20.00/OOS -> For those who register on or after _____.

LATE/Final Cut off Rate: $35.00/youth, $30.00/scouter -> For those registering after _____.

What is included and is not included in the camper registration fees

What does the registration fee cover?

-> We're glad you asked! Here is the breakdown: Scouts' Canada per person fee, facility rentals, program supplies, camp crest, dance supplies, and all the adventure you can think of!

What's not included in the registration fee?

-> Again, great question! The only things NOT included/covered in your camp registration are:           

-> Food, your group will be responsible for cooking your own meals for the camp. 

After all this information, you ask, what about your amazing t-shirts?

Do not worry! Information about those will be announced when the official registration form is sent to you, after you complete the offer of intent form! 

Since there was a price hike from our supplier in February, we unfortunately had to bring the prices of our t-shirts to $10. But still! That is a fantastic price! 

If you do not order by the deadline, we will be selling extra’s at the camp, but we will have limited stock.


Camp Registration Form

We are now beginning  the process of registration! If you would like to register your group for our camp, please fill out the registration form at https://goo.gl/forms/V2Z6gAvMvXc7LKM83

Note: If you're the scouter of a group who has completed an offer of intent registration, YOU will need to submit your registration forms BEFORE September's cut off date to ensure no late fees are charged.

Offer of Service

 If you know anyone that would like to be part of our extraordinary Offer of Service team, we are currently recruiting! Anyone who would like to volunteer, would have to be a senior scout, Venturer, Rover or Scouter.

We are currently looking for: Program, Medical & Site Services Staff

Please email us at camps.npema@gmail.com and we will provide additional information.  


Camp Payment options will be as follows:

1) Mailed Cheques: You will need to contact our email address to confirm all fees are tallied - then an address will be provided to send the cheque to.

2) Payment In Person at Camp: Can be completed via Cheque or Visa, Absolutely NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED at the camp. DO NOT Try to make a cash payment at the camp.

3) Online: We will complete your registration forms, fees, etc, and contact you if you wish to pay online, please indicate this on your registration form. Once you know the amount to send, we Accept PayPal transactions through the button below.

Online Payment for Flux in Time Camp

BEFORE Proceeding....Please ensure you have completed your camp registration package and have submitted it to NPEMA, with the section "Pay Online" Ticked off under payment options.

We will contact you with the amount due, and THEN you may proceed to click the button below!

Thank you for your Cooperation!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Have any questions? Need more information? Email us at camps.npema@gmail.com