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ABOUT US: MedVents & Rovers

NPEMA MedVents & Rovers is the Vocational Medical Services program running in Yellow Briar Area. Our meeting location is out of Brampton, however, we have youth members from as far as Etobicoke, Mississauga, Bolton, Caledon & surrounding area.

For those not familiar with the Scouting Program, we are a Not-For-Profit Scouting group composed of youth ages 14-26 who are interested in the medical field, and under the careful eye/guidance of our Medical Advisors and Scouters, study and learn various levels of First Aid starting at the Standard First Aid Level, up to and including the Emergency Medical Responder level. 


Our youth provide a variety of services both to Scouts Canada and our community as well - more information of our program and group can be found below. 


Scouts Canada is an international organization that provides outdoor programming to youth ages five to twenty five and Scouter roles to dedicated volunteers of all ages.

The safety and health of participants has always been of paramount importance to the movement.

Historically, First Aid services within Scouting was always provided by outside agencies. However, as a result of changes made to the Scouts Canada adult screening requirements, child youth safety strategies and other changes to the program, it became more difficult to recruit or assemble volunteer first aid teams to provide this coverage.

In 1997 a newly established program from within BC called “Medical Venturers” (more commonly referred to as "MedVents”) provided the the first aid and medical services at the Scouts Jamboree in Kananasis – which welcomed approximately 14,000 scouts.

Following the creation of the program, and its success in providing medical services at the camp, the program spread to Ontario with the establishment of the Toronto MedVents.

From here the program quickly continued to develop into a new movement within scouting and now is recognized as an official subset of the Venturer program as a vocational  program dedicated to teaching youth about first aid, medical response and emergency services. 


While the original MedVent program dates back to 1997, there has recently been changes made Scouts Canada's programming. Called the Canadian Path, this reinvented program focuses on safe, youth-led scouting adventures.

The Medical Venturer or MedVent program allows youth ages 14-18 to study, learn and practice various levels of medical response or first aid.

The Medical Rover or MedRover program is designed for youth ages 18-26 and combines the same medical training with more of a youth led leadership angle for mentoring the younger section and moving forward with prep for careers in the medical field.

MedVents attend events as the Medical Services or First Aid providers, and together with their Medical Advisors careful oversight, provide these skills  and implement their training at both Community Events, and Scouting events.



Throughout the year, our youth plan, program, attend and review many different adventures - following the Canadian Path's Plan, Do Review model. Everything is youth-led and oriented, with our Scouters providing oversight and being a resource for the planning team. 

Our adventures range from hikes, camps, skiing/snowboarding, all the way up to large-scale events, sicj as attending the Canadian Jamboree, etc. 

Additionally, our youth annually attend the Yellow Briar Area's week long camp up at Haliburton Scout Reserve - an advenrure packed week with youth from many of the different groups who fall into the Yellow Briar family.

We love exploring the outdoors and see everything that nature has to offer!


As a not-for-profit program, we do not charge for any of our services, our youth and Medical Advisors attend events and our offers of service as volunteers.

While we do not charge for any of our services, we do accept donations to our program to help offset costs of training,  supplies used at events and to go towards purchases of medical response equipment to aid us in providing the best possible program to our youth!

As such, our program can only operate with the help of sponsors, community partners, and many fundraisers completed by our youth. We thank partners such as Ergodyne, and CPRescue. 


Not only does NPEMA offer medical services and first aid courses, but also our team is proud to give back to the Scouting Community by programming, staffing and operating area camps.

It is important to our team that we provide these camps with the largest possible age group inclusion in mind,. Our camps have been and will continue to offer programming for Cubs to Rovers. (8+). 

The same program team who programmed camps such as Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp & Murder & Mayhem now is excited to present our next adventure: Embrace the Chaos: A Flux in Time - landing with the TARDIS in the future.


Still want to know more? Have a burning question? Feel free to contact us! Or Email Directly: